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C64-Gamevideoarchive 270 - Aliens

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C64-Gamevideoarchive 270 - Aliens

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Complete walkthrough from the C64 game "Aliens"
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There are some places you don't go alone... but the nightmares return and the only way to get rid of them is to go back to LV-426 and confront them... face-to-face. To relive the terror. To conquer your fear. And this time... to win.

Here's your chance to relive all the excitement and action of the motion picture "Aliens". From the initial launch of the Drop-Ship to the final battle with the Alien Queen, six separate game sequences put the fate of Newt and the colonial marines in your hands.

You've been there before. Once, long ago. You know what to expect. Or do you ?

LV-426. They call it Acheron now. And people live there. At least they were living there. Until just recently.

Your encounter with that vile and treacherous creature - the Alien - is still horrifically etched in your memory. And you vowed you'd never go back.

But you're the only person alive who knows what the Aliens are. What they can do. And how - possibly - to destroy them. So you agree to go back to LV-426.

If you're ever to return home - and rid the galaxy of the parasitic species - you must survive the following ordeals:

* Drop-Ship Maneuver - guide a plummeting ship down to the surface of LV-426.
* APC Rescue Attempt - bring the marines back to the Armored Personal Carrier.
* Operations Room Rampage - fend off a barrage of Aliens to make time to cut through a steel door.
* Air Duct Maze Scramble - find your way through the air duct system to try to get to the Drop-Ship.
* Newt Rescue Race - save Newt from the clutches of the Aliens before the entire Atmosphere Processor explodes.
* One-on-One Confrontation - battle the Alien Queen with your power-loader.

After you successfully complete each level of your mission, you'll be given aMission Status Code. There will be a different Mission Status Code for each level.

Once you obtain them (and be sure to write them down), you can use your Mission Status Codes at the beginning ofthe game to start at a particular level.

NOTE: You won't have a Mission Status Code until you complete the first level.

To advance to the next level, press the [RETURN] key.
To pause the game, press the [RUN/STOP] key. Press it again to continue.
To replay a level, hold down [RUN/STOP] and press [RESTORE] firmly.
To select a starting level, enter your Mission Status Code and press [RETURN].

Before you begin each encounter level, you'll be briefed on the background of the situation. Most of the briefings will be in the form of conversations between various members of the crew.

Press [RETURN] as indicated on the screen to continue through each briefing.

To make sure you're prepared at all times, you must be able to quickly identify every piece of equipment used in this mission. Here's how:

Using the joystick, point the white glove to the piece of equipment listed and press the joystick button.

When all equipment has been properly identified, press [RETURN] to continue.

You've entered the stratosphere of LV-426. But now you have to get down there.

Your military transport ship Sulaco is equipped with a Drop-Ship that sends you screaming down into a dark turbulence.

Here's how to maneuver the Drop-Ship.

1. Follow the important information given on the HEADS-UP DISPLAY (upper half of the screen).
2. When the HEADS-UP DISPLAY says "SWITCHING TO DCS RANGING", navigate the ship into the center of the PIPE (zooming circles) using your joystick.
3. Keep an eye on the PROFILE COMPLIANCE INDICATOR (right side of the screen). It will tell you when you're getting off course. Green indicates you're on course, yellow is marginal, and red means you're off course.

If you stay on course, you'll end up at the desired destination: the Atmosphere Processor.

If you stray off course, the drop will be aborted and you'll have the opportunity to try again.

You've got four marines out there in sublevel three of the Atmosphere Processor. And they've found the enemy. Or rather, the enemy's found them.

Your marines are in grave danger. You've got to get them to the Armored Personnel Carrier (APC). And you've got to do it now!

You have two special tracking screens for each marine. The top screen is the individual's bio-monitor trace. The lower screen indicates his or her safety condition.

Here's how to read the screens:

-Marine is OK.
-Aliens are near.
-Marine is OK.
-Marine is in trouble.
-Marine has reached APC.
-Marine captured by Aliens.
-Marine has been lost.

Using the joystick, guide the marine through the maze, helping him find his way back to the APC.

You can control only one marine at a time. To switch control to a different marine, press the corresponding function keys [F1], [F3], [F5], and [F7]. The name of the marine being controlled appears in the space below the Motion Tracker, in the upper right quadrant of the screen.

Use the Motion Tracker to see what's going on outside your field of vision. The Motion Tracker will help you assess the number and proximity of Aliens heading for the marine currently on the screen.

To try to kill an Alien, face your marine toward it (using the joystick) and press the button. The machine gun is rapid fire. It will take two hits to kill an Alien.

You'll be able to move and fire at the same time. This will allow you to lay down a barrage of fire while moving toward your goal. However, you can't change direction while firing.

There are two ways to keep a marine out of the deadly clutches of the Aliens:

* Successfully shoot all the Aliens in the vicinity.
* Move the marine off the screen in a direction where there are no more Aliens.

NOTE: It's impossible to move a marine off the screen in a direction where the Motion Tracker shows there are more Aliens.

Though a marine may be helplessly entangled in the tentacles of several Aliens, it's still possible to save him. If there's enough time.

To save a captured marine, first switch to another marine and bring him to the captured one. When there are two or more marines on the screen at one time, they are both safe from attack. So the captured marine will be freed.

They've got you cornered. Or rather surrounded. But you've got a chance to flee toward safety. That is, if you can hold them off long enough to cut an escape hole through a two-ton steel door.

The Aliens are going to drop down from the ceiling and try to rush past you to the survivors waiting to go through the door. Don't let them.

You've got two ways to hold them off:

* Using the joystick to maneuver the marine up and down, touch the Aliens with the flame to make them retreat.
* By pressing the joystick button while aiming, torch Aliens with blasts of fire.

If you hold off the Aliens long enough to cut a hole through the door, you'll be able to crawl through the air duct inthe next level. If not, you'll be able to try again.

Once you've made it into the air duct, you must try to find your way from the Operations Room to the Drop-Ship landingfield.

You're looking at an overhead view of the maze, with one third of it on the screen at any one time.

The blue and gold squares are Ripley and Newt. The white dots are the marines. There will be from one to eight marines, depending on how many you've lost along the way. The fiery red circles are the Aliens.

The marines will help you try to save Ripley and Newt. In fact, they'll sacrifice their own lives doing it. When you press the joystick button to detonate a hand grenade, you're losing a marine. So the best strategy is to avoid the Aliens altogether.

If you make it to the Drop-Ship, you cango on. And of course, the more marines left, the better. If not, you'll be able to try again.

Ripley knows there are only seventeen minutes left before the Atmosphere Processor blows and the whole planet turns into one nuclear nightmare. But she's determined to save Newt from the Alien nest - at all costs.

Using the joystick, maneuver Ripley through the Atmosphere Processor complex. With the joystick button, fire at the Aliens. You can also drop flares to mark your course by pressing the [SPACE] bar.

The range locator in the upper right quadrant of the screen lets you know howclose you're getting to Newt. Once you find her - if you find her - she'll follow you back to the elevator.

Don't be in too much of a hurry to get back to the elevator. Because before you start to leave, you'll have to outwit the ferocious - and furious - Alien Queen.

NOTE: You have only 99 shots in your M-41A 10mm pulse rifle with 30mm grenade launcher. And ammo goes fast when you're fighting off Aliens. So use it wisely.

If you make it back to the elevator before time runs out, you'll be given the chance to duel in the next - and final - battle. If not, you'll be able to try again.

In this final confrontation, you have a power-loader, a robotic exoskeleton that works like a forklift. Then it's just you. And her. The Queen. The mother of all the Aliens you've ever encountered. And all those you haven't had the misfortune of meeting.

Using the joystick, violently jerk the power-loader from side to side to try to hit the Queen as often and hard as you can. You'll know if your efforts are having any effect by the amount of green shown in the bar at the bottom of the screen. A solid red bar indicates that the Queen is at full strength - don't let her attack at this time.

When the Queen is tired out and the bar is totally green, you'll be able to grab her with the claws of the power-loader by pressing and holding the joystick button down. Then, once you have her, the air lock will open and you can drop her through it by releasing the joystick button.

If you succeed in dropping the Queen through the air lock, you've saved yourself, Newt, and all humanity from the Aliens. If you didn't succeed, try again.

* When flying the Drop-Ship, remember to think like a pilot: pulling back on the joystick will cause you to climb, pushing forward will send you into a dive. Stay loose and try not to oversteer.

* During the APC rescue, try to get your marines together and move them as a group. Give special attentions to those marines who are in the Aliens' nest area.

* In the Operations Room, don't bother trying to hold off the really fast Aliens - torch them right away.

* In the air duct maze, there's almost always more than one way to get from one place to another. So be flexible - use the routes where there are the fewest Aliens.

* While attempting to rescue Newt, you don't have to blow away every Alien you encounter - if it's not too close, try to dodge it.

* When you've kicked the slats out of the Queen and it's time to grab her, come up at her from below - that way, you won't push her away.

* If you have trouble getting past one level of the adventure and you want a taste of the next level, hold down the [ARROW-UP] key and press [RESTORE] firmly while playing the level you want to skip. This will take you to the opening screen of the next level, and after a few moments play will begin. But keep in mind that you won't receive a Mission Status Code for completing any level you skip to without completing the previous level. You must successfully complete all six levels without using the [ARROW-UP] and [RESTORE] feature in order to see the final game screen.

Aliens (tm); The Computer Game (tm) was designed by Steve Cartwright, Glyn Anderson, Peter Kaminski, and Gene Smith.
Music and sound effects by Russell Lieblich.
Additional graphics by Hilary Mills and Jennifer Diane Reitz.
Produced by Brad Fregger.
Special thanks to Pam Levins.
Exterminator's Sourcebook by Paula Polley. Editorial management by Steve Young.
The motion picture "Aliens" (tm) (C) 1986 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved. (tm) designates a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.
Computer software program and Exterminator's Sourcebook (C) 1986 Activision, Inc. All rights reserved.

documents typed by -JACK ALIEN-

Run time 26:50 minutes
Producer The C64-Gamevideoarchive
Audio/Visual sound, color


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